Beyond The Strain

Join the Patient First Research Revolution

Aurelius Data is the first global big data company using Deep Learning to analyze, predict, and find new cures, market trends, and IP in the cannabis and psilocybin markets.  

Our DataEcosystem will combine the patients’ use and satisfaction responses to create data points which are coupled with the full chemical compound analysis of the administered product.  No one else has made this leap from one dimensional ERP, POS or strain identification systems. 

Our data will provide subscribers with new and valuable consumer use data, market intelligence and analysis for manufacturers, dispensaries, and cultivators.   Our data sets will advance the research of human and pet pharmaceutical companies, clinicians, doctors, and the food and beverage industries.

The founding team has deep pharmaceutical, biological and chemical knowledge, and the ability to quickly scale up ultra-high functional technical and field teams.  We are confident that we can rapidly move beyond our proof of concept, and develop the systems needed to convert this knowledge into revenue. We have deep connections into the market, engineering and scientific assets in place, and the ability to execute mobile, web and backend systems as well as cutting edge data science design and deployment.